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07-14-2008 :: Law & Leadership Program
6th Annual Law and Leadership Summer Program for Muslim Women
July 14, 2008-August 1, 2008

*Spend a summer in the nation's capital surrounded by fellow Muslim women leaders and scholars from around the world.

*Increase your knowledge on the basics of Islamic law.

* Broaden your horizons on how to bring about change from an Islamic perspective in your community and improve Muslim women's lives.

*Strengthen your leadership skills by learning about advocacy tailored to your religious and cultural communities.

* Network with other Muslim women leaders, students, and professionals from all over the world.


"KARAMAH: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights" is currently accepting applications for its 6th Annual Law and Leadership Summer Program(LLSP), which will take place from July 14, 2008 to August 1, 2008. The program is an intensive, three week full-time training program in Washington, DC. It requires that young women participants live, study, and work on projects together. We are looking for highly motivated and
dedicated women who have a commitment to Muslim women's rights, and who seek to advance them from within their religion and culture.

The participants will attend intensive and thought-provoking workshopswhich cover a multitude of topics. The program curriculum will cover four over-arching topics: Islamic Jurisprudence; Comparative Law; Leadership Development, and Conflict Resolution.

Islamic Law courses cover Usul al-Fiqh (Principles of Jurisprudence),Quranic Sciences, Hadith Sciences, the Islamic Marriage Contract, the Gender Paradigm of the Quran, and Family Law Codes in the Muslim world.

The main objective of this segment of the Program is to create an understanding of the foundations of the prevailing interpretations of Islamic law and to introduce students to a progressive and socially just and equitable Islamic worldview. We will have classes on core concepts in Islam as well as on women's rights within Islam, focusing specifically on family law issues. In addition to increasing the
participants' literacy in Islamic Jurisprudence, the courses are designed to train participants to think on their own, develop their leadership gifts, and acquire a good grasp of basic areas of Islamic law.

Renowned law professors and attorneys have regularly taught our Comparative Law courses, which demonstrate the complex interactions between the American Legal System and Islamic Law. These courses serve as an important introduction to the way in which the law surrounding Islamic marriage and divorce is becoming an important and complicated part of the American Legal landscape.

The third segment of the program is dedicated to unique and effective classes in Leadership Development. The academic exposure allows participants to identify, analyze, and critique the various forms and techniques of influence and power, which enables them to become effective leaders in all capacities of life. It also allows them to evaluate their own behavior and identify and address existing problems.

In the fourth segment, expert trainers present various scenarios in workshops on conflict-resolution and leadership styles. The exercises and discussion that follow focus on enhancing participants' facilitation skills and developing cultural specific solutions that incorporate alternative leadership possibilities that integrate an Islamic perspective.

The purpose of LLSP is to instill leadership qualities in a core group of women who will lead change in their communities. The program provides them with the basic tools to understand and articulate the guiding principles of Islam. With this knowledge, the students will be able to articulate and defend Muslim women's rights within their ownreligious, cultural and institutional contexts. Armed with adequate
leadership skills and jurisprudential tools they will be able to bring about progressive and peaceful change within their communities.

For more information or to receive an application, please call us at
202-234-7302 or email Karamah@....

KARAMAH: Muslim Women Lawyers For Human Rights
Sameen Piracha, Managing Director

Telephone: 1-202-234-7302
Fax: 1-202-234-7304
Email: sameen@...
Web: www.karamah.org