Monday, June 8, 2009

Papers: Jihad in 21st Century

CALL FOR PUBLICATION: Jihad in the 21st Century
Book edited by Ahmed Al-Dawoody (University of Birmingham/Al-Azhar University) & Anicée Van Engeland (Law Faculty, McGill University).

We would like to edit a book on the issue of the contemporary theories and practices of the Islamic tradition of jihad. The purpose is to gather a group of expertise from both the Muslim and Western Worlds who will approach this issue from various disciplines Approaches to jihad should be innovative. The aim is to discuss the issue of jihad and its relevance to the contemporary issues of: war – both domestic and international – peace, international law, international criminal law, international humanitarian law norms, domestic and international forms of terrorism. These discussions intend to explain the Islamic position on (1) the different form of the use of force in the post United Nations era by both state and non-state actors; (2) domestic and international acts of terrorism; and the international community position. Contributions can be made in any field (law, politics, social sciences, humanities and others) on the following non-exhaustive list:

History of Jihad
Jihad in the Quran
Jihad in the Modern World
Jihad and International Law (self-defense for example)
Jihad and Universal Human Rights
Islam and law of armed conflicts
The Politics of Jihad

Terrorism Any other topic not included in this list is welcomePlease send an abstract (maximum 500 words) with title of the proposed chapter, affiliation and contact information as well as a resume/CV by July 1st, 2009 toAnicée Van Engeland <> & Ahmed Mohsen Al-Dawoody: <>

Anicee Maasoume Van Engeland, Ms" <>

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