Thursday, June 4, 2009

07-17-09 : Washington DC - Leadership Initiative for Muslims

American Leadership Initiative for Muslims

July 17 - 19, 2009
Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill, Washington DC

American Leadership Initiative for Muslims

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IIC Main Offices

In early 2007, the Islamic Information Center relocated its main headquarters to the National Press Club building in Washington D.C. The National Press Club is an international news media hub, home to hundreds of media organizations from around the world, and regularly hosts world leaders and various elected officials from around the nation. By positioning an office in this location, the Islamic Information Center is uniquely suited to disseminate important Islamic information throughout the world in a professional and instantaneous manner.

(WASHINGTON DC - June 2, 2009) The Islamic Information Center is proud to announce that the ALIM Convention 2009 will feature an art show and auction of the works of Sadequain provided by the world renowned SADEQUAIN Foundation.

Sadequain was responsible for the renaissance of Islamic Calligraphy in Pakistan. He was a pre-eminent artist cum calligrapher, who elevated Islamic calligraphic art in the region. He claimed his calligraphy was endowed with divine inspiration that added the dimension of space and movement to his work. One of Sadequain's greatest pieces of work was his Sura-e-Rehman series.

Sadequain's Sura-e-Rehman series consists of thirty-one pieces all reflecting a different verse from the sura. Another of Sadequain's calligraphic works was the rendition of the ninety-nine panels of Asma-e-Husna (the beautiful Names of God) that he inscribed on the circular wall of the rotunda, which stands an imposing five stories high in the Indian Institute of Islamic Studies at Delhi.

The ALIM convention is dedicated to coming up with actionable ideas, plans, and initiatives to help the Muslim community locally and abroad. At the conclusion of the convention, attendees will return to their home communities with specific plans of action, and the Islamic Information Center will help to coordinate these nationwide initiatives throughout the year.

Information about lodging is available here and the schedule of events, here.

For more details contact the ALIM Convention Team!

The Islamic Information Center provides accurate information about the Islamic faith and Muslim community to government offices, media outlets, and civic organizations. Through educational and interfaith programs, IIC promotes understanding, community, and trust among people of all faiths and cultures.

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